Comanche County Nonprofit Raises Mental Health Awareness With Art

Circumstances in life always have a way of making us feel an emotion that is completely unexpected. Sometimes they are the best feelings ever that we want to hold on to such as joy, elation, or even satisfaction. Opposite of these feelings can be sorrow, depression, and despondency. Trauma is well known to cause the latter feelings to a person. 

It is when we experience the negative that it truly can be an experience of the unexpected. When the unexpected and painful feelings occur, one has to dig deep to find a solution.

Because let’s face it, nobody wants to feel bad for longer than they have to. Right?

When painful feelings do occur for a long period, especially if it is unexpected, a person tends to find themselves in uncharted waters as to how to cope with them in a positive manner. This can certainly create the foundation for mental suffering. Add in the factors that just maybe the person does not know the name for what they are experiencing, that it is indeed a by-product of something dysfunctional, or how to even manage what they are feeling, and you now have the perfect storm for a life full of mental suffering, aka mental illness, sometimes manifesting in the form of anxiety and depression. This in turn gives birth to unhealthy coping skills, acting out, and then being ostracized and/or isolated for things beyond their control. It is a vicious cycle. 

We think it is safe to say that most of you reading this has either experienced this scenario for yourselves or you have watched a loved one go through this. 

Some individuals start experiencing this scenario as a child and will forever carry the damage with them. 

When mental suffering is normal to a child, they don’t know any better because they are not shown how to do better by those that are closest to them. 

Add in the variant of said child coping the best way they know how, usually with violence and drugs, and it is only a matter of time before they are deemed untouchable by society. 

This is why we decided to create a few pieces for a small exhibit to represent mental suffering that has yet to be dealt with in a positive manner. These pieces were uniquely made by each participant of Raising Youth Services by adding their own perception first, then handing it off to the next person beside them to contribute their own creativity as well. What resulted was a small and collective creation that represents what they felt like their mental suffering would look like. 

You can view this exhibit in person if you wish, at the Comanche County Courthouse located at 101 W Central Ave in Comanche, Texas. It will be available for public viewing Aug 16th – Sep 3rd. If you are in the area, please stop by and take a look at the exhibit for yourself.

We invite anyone that has experienced a form of mental suffering to take a look at each line, stroke, color, and shape and determine your interpretation of another’s affliction. 

See it for what it is. Take what speaks to you and then leave the rest. That is all we wish for. 

Raising Youth Services is a 501c3 organization that provides opportunities for at-risk youth within Comanche County. We do this by providing mentorship, life skills training, crisis intervention, and drop out prevention. To make a donation visit our DONATION PAGE or to learn more about us, you can visit our ABOUT US PAGE.